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At Audere we build Bass Preamps with High Quality components and we actually construct them in the USA at a price point you can afford.


Our Preamp Systems are known for:

  • The best String Touch Response, giving you the bass response you always wanted to make your playing more fun and productive.
  • Flexible Tone Shaping options at your finger tips to make it easier to find your sound.
  • The Natural Organic sound of the bass - we are not making up a tone, instead we bring out what was hiding in your bass.
  • Simple to install preamps - most of our preamps are installed by players as opposed to bass techs.
  • Saving basses from the back of the closet or worse - have a bass that is not exactly inspiring? - Audere Preamps often fix these problem instruments.
  • Repeat Customers - players like what we build and we get a large amount of repeat business.
  • Advanced Features are offered on many of our preamp models, like LED Battery Meters or our Z-Mode System.
  • Low Price - we have vertically integrated the production to get the quality we demand while keeping the price low.


On our new website we are offering Free Shipping in the US and have greatly simplified the purchasing checkout process with PayPal Buy It Now buttons.

Note - A PayPal account is not required - they will just process your credit card if you do not have an account and they are very safe.


We offer lots of different configurations - we commonly make preamps in 300+ Configurations but purchasing the right trade-off for your bass is easy.

On the product pages - there are configuration selections to quickly guide you to the correct preamp.


Try an Audere Preamp and be amazed at how good your bass really plays.


Key questions for selecting a preamp:


For a Jazz type bass with a Control Plate:

  1. Do you have the Traditional Output Jack on the Plate or is your Output Jack Mounted on the Side of the Body?
  2. Do you want a Pro JZx Z-Mode Preamp Series, which is our traditional jazz solution, or our New Lower Cost Jazz Series?
  3. If a JZx Preamp - do you want Vol, Balance or Vol, Vol Pickup Mixing? Vol and Balance (also known as Blend or Pan) is most popular.
  4. How Many Bands of Tone control do you want? Most players choose 4 bands.
  5. What Color of Knobs do you want? Chrome is most popular.


For a Module Preamp:

  1. Do you want a Pro Z-Mode Preamp Series, which is our more versatile offering, or our lower cost Classic Preamp Series?
  2. How many control holes are in your bass body?
  3. Do you want Vol, Balance or Vol, Vol or Vol (bass with a single pickup)? Vol and Balance (also known as Blend or Pan) is the most popular.
  4. How Bands of Tone Control do you want? Most players choose 4 bands
  5. Do you want a Knob Set and if so which Color?



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