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Pro JZ6D - 4 Band - 6 Way Switch - Side Jack

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Volume Neck / Volume Bridge

High Mid / Low Mid Range Tone Controls with center detents

Treble / Bass Tone Controls with center detents

Advanced LED Battery Meter

Z-Mode 6 way rotary switch

Output Jack on wires for Bass Side Body Mounting



True organic sound with superb string touch response.

Extremely versatile tone selection with Z-Mode, Active Balancing and Tone Control subsystems.

Active Balance or Volume / Volume pickup mixing systems expand the useful pickup mixing combinations.

Active Tone controls have a flat frequency response in the center detents and support both subtle and more extreme sculpting.

Supports single coil and hum canceling pickups. Active pickups are not recommend with a Z-Mode preamp.

The Z-Mode switch changes how the pickups electrically respond to string vibrations. The internal Z-Mode control is a stereo system therefore each pickup can be setup to respond differently to the string's vibrations. For the Z-Mode 6 way switch different responses of the bridge and neck pickups are applied by default to the switch positions 2, 3, and 5. The default switch settings are 1) Low Z - Deeper sound, 2) Low Z' Neck, Mid Z Bridge, 3) Low Z' Neck, High Z Bridge, 4) Mid Z - Passive sound, 5) Mid Z Neck, High Z Bridge, 6) High Z - Brighter sound. Optionally each switch position can be independently programmed into 1 of 17 Z-Mode configurations for extended versatility but most players love our defaults and do not reprogram their preamp.

Replaceable High Z-Mode loading capacitors for each pickup that change the characteristic High Z-Mode peak frequency.

Low Z-Mode gain adjustments for each pickup.

Advanced LED Battery Meter informs you of your batteries charge condition.

Easy to install in a standard Jazz Bass body with simple hand tools but will require limited soldering to the jack if the body connection to the jack uses a drilled hole or when wiring to a battery box.

Battery box is not required but can be used if present.

We designed our unique electronic circuits using high quality industrial components.

We build our surface mount circuit boards in house and assemble the preamps in South Beach, Oregon, USA.



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Pro JZ6D - 4 Band

6 Way Switch - Side Jack

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